Seasons of Human Nature

The Way of Council (English)

A Circle

‘The Big Lie is that humans are not a part of nature.’
Steven Foster, School of Lost Borders

This workshop is for those who are willing to undertake a journey within and walk with questions through wilderness. You can experience and learn about way of council and eco-psychology and how connected with nature and community building.

When we see and listen to the Nature, we can find the cycles of seasons, its qualities and aspects and how they are shaping our inner human nature. Each of us, with our gift and inner waves, are part of a wider being - the community or circle of ‘our people’, with its own rhythms.

For seminar we will use Four Shields of Human Nature, earth-based wheel, taught by Lost Borders.
We will go into the wilderness through threshold, use self-generated ceremony, listen deeply to nature and share our stories in council circle. During the storytelling and time together we can experience attentive listening, compassion, courage and peace from which the group soul can arise, known as community.

With vulnerability and grace we want to co-create a field of mutual learning, support, guidance and feedback for both personal and group growth.


The workshop-venue is embedded in the young intentional community Cambium in the Southeast of Austria. We chose this venue as the Way of Council is also a tool to form and tend community.

Food & Lodging

Total 2 nights and food from 60 to 72€ (dormitory 12/night, single/double bed rooms
18/night, food 18/a day) - to be paid on site. Please contact Peter (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!) in advance for reservations.

Jaroslava Vatay

Jaroslava Vatay (*1980) has fallen in love with council in 2012 at Council Training in CA, lead by Gigi Coyle. She is Council Facilitator on the way to become Council trainer, mentored by Han Delissen and Joe Provisor and her peers. She is Vision Fast Guide, trained with Lost Borders and with Bear Tribe since 2017. She is experienced Bodywork Therapist and she developed Somatic Constellations work (combination of systemic work, bodywork,psychosomatics).

Marlene Günther

Marlene Günther (*1984) has started her path of Council in 2014, since then she’s a Carrier of Council offering Council as part of community building in her own community and at seminars. She’s living and co-creating the young eco-village Cambium in Austria. She has facilitated and supported several workshops and weekend seminars embracing Council and Nature work. She is trained in collective decision making and sociocracy.

Registration available from November 1st!


Beginn Freitag, 22. März 2019 13:00
Ende Sonntag, 24. März 2019 13:00
Anmeldeschluss Freitag, 08. März 2019
Ort Zukunftswirkstatt Fehring